Announcement: Tag inclusion/exclusion for DMB - 7/14/22

[Release 07.14.2022]

At Unit21, we now support tags in the DMB (rule creator).

Why did we add this feature?

Agents can now create rules in the DMB that can use tags as a filter.

For example, calculate the volume of transaction for an entity with the tag sector:Europe over the past 30 days and flag it if it's above $500,000.00.

What does it look like?

When you create a Variable in the DMB you will be able to select Add event tags in the Event Filter Conditions section:

25502550 25502550

When you create a Trigger Condition in the DMB, the +Add Condition button has a Add entity tags option:

25502550 25502550

Tags can be included, excluded, and more than 1 tag can be added to a condition:


How will this affect you?

You can now use tags when creating rules in the DMB which opens up many new use-case and capabilities for rule making.