Announcement: Agent UI Update - 7/25/22

[Release 07.25.2022]

At Unit21, all pages related to agents including your profile and settings pages have gotten a face lift.

Why did we add this feature?

We added this feature as part of a general UI facelift and to consolidate agent preferences into a single location.

The Profile page is now for Personal Dashboard settings and includes:

  • Notifications
  • Display settings
    The Settings page is now for Organizational Dashboard settings (the Notifications and Interface tabs have been removed).

What does it look like?

Settings Page

The Settings page is now simpler and no longer contains your personal Notifications and Interface setup. Instead, it focuses on Organization level settings.

Old Settings page:


New Settings page:


Profile Page

Notifications and Display settings are now in your Profile page since they affect your Dashboard only and do not affect your Organization. The functionality of these tabs have not changed.

Old Agent / Profile page:


New Agent / Profile page:


New Agent / Profile page - Display settings tab:


New Agent / Profile page - Notifications tab: