Announcement: New Dashboard Menu - 8/8/22

[Release 08.8.2022]

At Unit21, we are continuing our general Dashboard facelift with a new menu. The new menu structure will be released on August 15th but is available for early beta; contact your Unit21 rep for more information.

Why did we add this feature?

We found that admins often did not know where to go to configure and manage their Unit21 experience since we had a variety of settings available across different pages. This initiative consolidates these settings by grouping common use-cases together and adding more top-level menu items for direct access so users can find what they need as quickly and easily as possible.

The new menu structure is as follows:

Menu itemChange?Details
AlertsNoAlert are still found here
CasesNoCases are still found here
MatchlistsNoMatchlists are still found here
Detection ModelsNoRules are still found here
Report FilingsNoReports are still found here
DashboardsNoDashboards are still found here
Data ExplorerNoData is still found here
Risk ScoresNoScores are still found here
VerificationNoKYC/KYB is still found here
User ManagementNewAgents and Teams management
WorkflowsNewAlert queues, Workflow buttons, Investigation Checklists, Narrative Templates, Webhooks, and Deadlines
ConfigurationNewCustom data, Censorship, API Keys, Report Narratives and Tags
ReportingNewFile Exports

What does it look like?

The new menu:


User Management:








The old menu: