Announcement: Programmatic Exports - 7/15/22

[Release 07.15.2022]

At Unit21, agents are now able to request exports, download exports, and get the statuses of exports via our APIs.

Why did we add this feature?

For agents and organizations that need to export information from the Unit21 system, we have new and updated endpoints available.

What does it look like?

Updated Endpoint:

These endpoints request bulk exports of data. These endpoints no longer requires the agent email or agent id, instead, they will automatically retrieve information from the API keys that belong to the agent:

  • /alerts/bulk-export
  • /cases/bulk-export
  • /devices/bulk-export
  • /entities/bulk-export
  • /txn-events/bulk-export
  • /events/bulk-export
  • /instruments/bulk-export
  • /rules/bulk-export
  • /sars/bulk-export

New Endpoints:

The following endpoint will return the status of the requested exports:

  • /file-exports/list

The following endpoint will return the URL where the file can be downloaded:

  • /file-exports/download/<int:file_export_id>

New Notifications:

When bulk exports are ready, agents can request to be notified via the Dashboard, Slack or email:


Here is an example of a Dashboard notification:


New Webhooks:

A new webhook called EXPORT_READY is also available to get alerted when exports are ready to download:


Here is the webhook in action:


New Permissions:

There is now a new user permission to request exports: READ_SYSTEM_EXPORTS.


It is important that when you use our APIs, the API key you use has the appropriate permissions. For example, if you export cases, it is required that your API key have the read:cases permission: