Bulk SAR Filing

[Release 02.19.2024]

What did we release?

This update is in direct response to customer feedback.

We understand that in many organizations, the process of preparing, reviewing, and filing SARs can involve multiple agents with specific roles. Previously, the agent in charge of filing needed to individually click into and submit each SAR. This can be a time-consuming task, especially in larger organizations with many SARs to file.

With this release, we introduced the ability to Bulk file SARs. This new feature streamlines the filing process, allowing for the selection and submission of up to 100 SARs simultaneously. If there are any issues with your SAR submission, an error message will be displayed.


This is not new SAR functionality or changes but a new UI flow.

What is the purpose of this release?

The purpose of this release is to enhance operational efficiency for our customers.

By enabling bulk filing, we significantly reduce the number of clicks required, making the entire process smoother and faster.

What does this release look like?