Treasury Prime Integration | Setup Admin Dashboard

[Release 02.09.2024]

What did we release?

This release is part of an ongoing effort to streamline and enhance the integration process, making it as fast and frictionless as possible for both Treasury Prime and their customers who wish to connect with our platform.

With this release, we introduced a new tab on the Admin Dashboard. This dedicated space allows you to select a specific customer's organization and add Treasury Prime as an integration partner. You will see that all of Treasury Prime's integration streams are readily available, thanks to a central FFIP (Flat-File Ingestion Pathway) mapping. This mapping ensures that any updates are automatically propagated across all instances.

What is the purpose of this release?

The purpose of this release is to make the integration with Treasury Prime as smooth and quick as possible. By consolidating all the steps and information into a single, accessible location on the Admin Dashboard, we save time and complexity for our users.

What does this release look like?