Delete Unwanted Deadlines

You can now delete Alert, Case & SAR deadlines that are no longer relevant to your organization. Deleted deadlines will still show for relevant articles historically for audit trail purposes but they will no longer be applied in the future.

Delete Unused Dispositions

Added the ability to delete unused dispositions in the Workflows section of Unit21. Note, you cannot delete a disposition that is associated with a workflow button and you can still see the deleted disposition on alerts and cases that it was applied to in the past.

Show Instrument External ID on Action Event Sidebar

The Instrument External ID is now available on the Action Event Sidebar.

Enhanced Disposition Notes

'Dispositions notes' entered when taking action on an Alert or Case will now appear in the 'Notes' tab of the corresponding Alert or Case. The note will include the disposition that was selected when the disposition note was entered.

Advanced Entity & Instrument Relationships

Advanced Relationships enable the ability to have more complex entity and instrument data relationships to improve fraud and anti-money laundering detection.

Updated Filters to use Data Settings Friendly Names

Updated filters on entities, instruments, transactions, and action events tables to use the user-preferred data setting label and descriptions for a more user-friendly filtering experience.

Data Explorer - Entities - Entity Type Filter

On the Data Explorer, you can now filter entities by 'Entity Type' for quick data analysis.

UI Update - Entity Page - Rule Silencing

We've updated the UI of our 'Rule Silencing' tab section on the Entity page. Here, you can choose to silence or activate specific rules for your entities, ensuring you receive the alerts that matter most to you. This new functionality mirrors the user experience introduced with the instrument details rule management page for a consistent design experience.

Type Classification - Data Descriptions & Custom Coloring

In our 'Data Management' page, we have launched a UI customization & schema management option called Type Classification. This section shows all the different types of data in Unit21 with the ability to provide descriptions and change the color coding of certain types of data.

Add Watchers to Closed or In Review Cases