Unit21 can execute entity verifications according to steps defined in system workflows. They can run when a new entity is added to the system, an update is made to an existing entity, or by directly triggering an API endpoint.



POST /entities/{unit21_id}/verify

Verifies an entity but running a verification workflow.

POST /entities/{unit21_id}/link-verification-result

Add the verification result from an external ID provider to an entity on the Unit21 system.

GET /verification/result/{workflow_id}

Returns all the information from the verification workflow execution for a specific entity.

POST /entities/{unit21_id}/continuous-monitoring

Add or disable Socure continuous monitoring for an entity.

POST /entities/{unit21_id}/suppress-provider-entity

Silence an entity from Socure continuous monitoring

We recommend that you create entities prior to running verification.

In the event you wish to run a verification on an entity immediately, Unit21 recommends that you wait at-least 2 minutes for your entity data to be securely stored.

You will receive a 423 error code if an entity is busy.

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