14. Managing a Case

A case can be exported for filing purposes or sent directly to FinCEN.

Typically when an alert is turned into a case, fraud or money laundering is suspected and higher level actions need to be taken such as alerting the authorities or banned a customer.

Understand a Case

  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Cases page and select any case in your Dashboard. You may also continue this tutorial if you were able to create a case in the previous section:


Help, I don't see Cases!

Your organization may not use cases or you may not have permissions to view cases. If so, we recommend that you continue reading this tutorial.


In the summary section, you can:

  • Add Tags - A great way to quickly add notes and classify a case
  • Add Watchers - Add other agents that should get updates about this case
  • Add Alerts - Note if the case is created from an alert, then the case inherits all the previous resources from the alert, including the alert itself.
  • Add Entities - Note if the case is created from an alert, then the case inherits all the previous resources from the alert, including entities.
  • Add Events - Note if the case was created from an alert, then the case will inherit all the previous articles from the alert, including events.
  1. Head over to the Documents tab, where you can add any document related to the case:
  1. In the Notes tab, add notes as you see fit and click Save:
  1. The Investigation checklist tab has a required list of actions agents must perform and check off:
  1. Use the Alert tab to view all relevant alerts in this case:


I can't see the tab!

Tabs on a case page will appear as the case is investigated and items such as alerts and entities are added. It is ok if some tabs do not appear for your selected case.

  1. Use the Entity tab to view all relevant entities in the case:

At this point an agent can begin the due diligence process. An agent can investigate the information provided by Unit21 in combination with KYC/KYB, legalities/paperwork and other processes to determine if the flagged entity is guilty.

Similar to an alert, agents can use workflow button to update a case (close/open/escalate/de-escalate/re-assign/report...).

Reporting an entity to the authorities is one of the highest forms of escalations for a case. Unit21 offers two options:

  • FinCEN SAR - Report the entity to FinCEN in the USA
  • goAML STR - Report the entity to a goAML country

In the final steps of this tutorial, we will quickly explore both automated reporting options.