15. Filing a SAR

Your generated SAR can be automatically sent to FinCEN with live tracking of the results.

With the Unit21 case management system, you may select viable cases and create a FinCEN SAR report (FinCEN is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a US government agency).

Our SAR filing dashboard pre-populates items for you based on generic information (ie SSN/TIN/EIN) in the SAR template and information from the case.

File a SAR

  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Cases page and select any case or continue from the case created in step 14.
  3. Select Create a FinCEN SAR:
  1. Fill in the SAR sections (you can fill it with dummy data for this tutorial):
  1. Fill in the SAR sections until all items are checked off:
  1. Click Validate:
  1. At this point in time, if there are any errors fix them and repeat the process until the Validation is clear:
  1. Once the form is validated, you should click Ready For Review

In the review state, the appropriate analysis or agents can review and modify the report.

  1. Once all agents in your company are satisfied, file the report by pressing the Submit SAR Form button:
  1. Click Confirm:
  1. Now the status of your report will be Sending to FinCEN:
  1. You must now wait patiently for FinCEN to receive the file. You can see your report in the Report Filling page.

As the report is received by FinCEN, the state will change accordingly. You can also file CARs and amendments as needed.


Can I submit multiple reports at once?

No, we do not support batch filling SARs.

Let's wrap up this tutorial by looking at goAML STR filing.

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