3. Creating a Team

Agents in an organization can belong to teams. Teams can also have unique permissions.

Agents can be added to specific teams within your organization. Teams should be used for categorizing work and binning alerts/cases. Teams are an efficient way to set default roles and permissions for agents. They are also essential to triage alerts using alert queues.

More information on how to manage Teams in Unit21 can be found here: https://docs.unit21.ai/docs/teams

Add a Team:

  1. Log into your Dashboard under a user with administrator privileges.
  2. On the left side navigation, select User Management.
  3. Head over to the Teams tab:
  1. Click the Create Team button and fill in the Team Name, Description (optional) and assigned Agents (optional). These options are editable on the team page after creation.

  1. When the new team has been created, you'll be routed to the Team details page.
  1. The first tab on the Team details page is the Agents tab. The 'Agents' tab will show all assigned agents for this particular team. You can add new agents, remove agents and filter the agents table on this page.


Pro Tip: The agent 'Filter' is default set to look for 'Active' agents. If you see an agent missing from this list try removing the 'Active' filter as they likely haven't logged into Unit21 yet.

  1. The Settings tab offer additional fine-grained permissions and controls for this team.
  1. The Permissions tab is used to manage the platform access for this particular team. An agents permissions is the combination of their permissions assigned via their teams and individually. This means if an agent is on multiple teams or has individual permission assigned, they will all the access provided across all their teams and individually assigned permissions.
    On this tab, you can edit the permissions for the team by clicking the 'Edit Permissions' button.
  1. Finally, the Audit Trail tab show all changes made on this team.