4. Creating Alert Queues

Alert Queues are used to triage alerts by teams. Teams investigate alerts in their queues.

Alert queues is essentially a ticketing system and a very useful way to handle assignments in large organizations.

When alerts are generated by rules to catch fraudulent transactions, administrators can assign agents to review the alerts using alert queues.

An administrator can create alert queues to triage alerts to be automatically consumed by agents.

Create a Queue:

  1. Log into your Dashboard under a user with administrator privileges.
  2. On the left side navigation, select Alerts.
  3. Head over to the Queues tab:
  1. Select the Create a New Queue button:
  1. Enter in the corresponding information for the queue:

In this case, use a descriptive queue name and queue description.

In this case, The "P0 team" of agents will handle any alerts created by the rules called "Velocity" and "Velocity-Wash". Any agent on the team called "P0 Team" will be able to consume (investigate) alerts in this "P0 Queue".

  1. Save the queue using the Create Queue button:


Agents cannot be associated directly to a queue!

Only by means of a team can an agent be added to a queue.

If you do not create a queue, alerts will be automatically routed to the Default Queue.

A queue can have multiple teams and a team can be part of multiple queues.