How to use a Matchlist

With Dynamic Models

In dynamic models, matchlist are supported at the Variable level.

  1. Once a Variable is created, Event Filter Conditions can be used to further filter the variable using a matchlist:
  1. Select Matchlist:
  1. Select your matchlist and then select the variable field to compare against:

With Scenario Models

For explanations of matchlist scenarios, with examples, see our scenario reference.

  1. Choose a matchlist scenario that supports matchlists:
  1. Select the matchlist in the scenario model logic and follow the prompt.

Over time, you may add more items to the matchlist, and the rule automatically updates itself.

Matchlist Fuzzy Match:

Fuzzy match is supported for matchlists in Scenario Models.

After selecting a list and selecting the objects to match in the list such as business_name or first_name, you can also add a percentage in the Fuzzy Match column. This percentage represents how close the match has to be to count.

For example, if the first name of the entity was Herbert and the list contained the name Horbert, fuzzy matching would list this as a match if the percentage was 80% or lower.

The percentage reflects the amount of letters that differ from the object in the matchlist:

Fuzzy MatchIn the ListCounts as a Match:
100%HerbertHerbert only
80%HerbertHorbert, Herberts
65%HerbertHorbort, Herborts