Permissions allow you to provide granular access to the system.

Permissions can be set on a team or individual level.

  • For team-level permissions, every agent on the team has the same permissions.
  • Agent-level (individual) permissions provide permissions for only a single agent. It's also possible to use agent-level permissions to add unique permissions to a team member.

Individual permissions are visible for yourself in your Profile > Permissions:


And for all agents (if you have admin access) in User Management > Agents:

1523 1523

Team permissions (if you have admin access) are found in User Management > Teams:

1523 1523

Unit21 recommends using team permissions

Team-level permissions reduce manual labor and make changes much less error prone. It is easy to extend or limit a teams permissions, rather changing many accounts, you only need to change the team account.

Furthermore, team permissions let you create a standard set of custom roles.