How to use Narrative Templates


There are often times where an agent needs to insert the same text for each alert during an investigation. By using templates, agents can have preset text populated into an alert's Narrative field to save time.

Alert narrative templates can appear for alerts in every queue, or can be set to only appear in alerts belonging to specific queues.

To use alert narrative templates:

  1. From the alert of your choice go to the Narrative tab.
  1. Click the Add template button and select the template of your choice from the dropdown:
  1. Click Add template will populate the text box with the narrative template chosen.

This new narrative feature will replace the narrative section in the investigation checklist employed by some customers.

There is a user interface provided to create and save these templates so they can be easily added to alerts:

  1. Head over to System > Workflows > Alert narrative templates:
  1. Click the button Create alert narrative template:
  1. Name the template, select a queue and add the text template in the text box. Once you are done click Save template.

  2. To delete or edit a narrative template, simply click on the ... menu:


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