Block Account from an Alert

After you review an alert and have concluded the entity is a fraudster, you can block the account by following these steps:

  1. Go to Alerts
  2. Click on the Entity.
  3. In the 'Other' section in the 'Entity Details' check to see if they have been blocked. If 'Blocked' is False, then the Entity has not been blocked.
  1. Click 'Go To Detail Page'
  2. Click the workflow button 'Blocking,' which should prompt the following popup. This workflow button indicates that you have a 'True Positive' with the disposition Closing review - took action.
  1. If there are multiple entities associated with the account, you can choose to Apply to all or if there is only one entity you can choose Apply individually.
  2. You can choose the reason 'why' you are blocking this account from the dropdown menu. Note, the default option is 'Not Applicable,' which would not block the account.
  3. Once you hit Submit, it will trigger an Alert Action Webhook that would block the account immediately.
  4. If you go back to the 'Entity' page or the 'Entity Details', you will see the account has been blocked with Blocked: True.