How to change an Alert's Queue


From the My Alerts tab

  1. Go to Alerts > My Alerts.
  1. Select the alert (you might want to search or use filters).
  2. Click on the alert in the table to open up the detail view:
  1. Click the Change Queue button:
  1. Success:

From the Admin tab

  1. Go to Alerts > Admin.
  1. Select the alert (you might want to search or use filters):
  1. Select Change Queue in the ... menu:
  1. Select the queue you want to move the alert to from the drop-down:
  1. Changes take effect immediately:

You should see the alert located in the new queue.


This can only be done on open alerts!

Closed alerts cannot be moved to a new queue.

You can confirm your action by using the alert queue filter on the Admin tab.


Changing queues removes assignments.

If you change an alert's queue, the agent assigned to the alert will be unassigned.

You can also change the queue of the alert it the Admin tab if you click on the item in the table.
It is also possible to change alert queues in bulk; see Bulk Alert Actions for more information.

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