How to create a CAR

A continuing report should be filed on suspicious activity that continues after an initial FinCEN SAR is filed. Financial institutions with SAR requirements may file SARs for continuing activity after a 90 day review with the filing deadline being 120 days after the date of the previously related SAR filing.

The recommended workflow is as follows:

  • Agent submits an initial SAR report
  • CAR alert is generated 90 days after initial SAR report submission

  • Agent reviews new alert(s) flagging the entity that had SAR filed to determine if they need to file a CAR report (i.e. check if customer did more transaction that are deemed suspicious)
  • Agent turns the new alert(s) into a case OR creates a manual case
  • Agent turns the new case into a new SAR
  • Agent can find the prior SAR report that was filed under the CAR Alert > Prior Activity > Prior SAR section and copies the BSA ID of the prior SAR to populate in the Home Section of the new SAR report
  • Agent unchecks Initial report and checks Continuous Activity Reporting:
  • Agent needs to manually calculate the Cumulative amount field in Section 4 (and fill in any other additional information)