Create a CAR

Continued Activity Reports

A continuing report should be filed on suspicious activity that continues after an initial FinCEN SAR is filed. Financial institutions with SAR requirements may file SARs for continuing activity after a 90 day review with the filing deadline being 120 days after the date of the previously related SAR filing.

While you can file a SAR automatically in your Dashboard, a CAR (Continuous Activity Report) must be uploaded to the finCEN portal manually. Unit21 does not support automatic CAR filing.

The recommended workflow is to amend the previously filed SAR from your Dashboard.

  1. Return to your SAR on your dashboard:
26722672 53445344
  1. Make the necessary changes to the sections of the SAR:
  1. Validate:
  1. Review:
  1. Unlock:
  1. Export:
  1. Finally you can login to the FinCEN portal and import the file as a CAR.

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