How to create a Case manually


You can create cases manually from the dashboard.

Agents can create a case for a single entity, transaction event, or alert. If you want to create complex cases, you can do that as well, by adding combinations of these resources.

  1. From the dashboard, select Cases.
  2. Click the + Create Case button:
  1. Fill in the fields for your case’s title, description, start and end dates.
  2. Add assignees, watchers, and tags.
  3. Add the resources to your case─alerts, entities, and events. For each of these resources you add, all the associated data will be added.
  1. Optionally start filling in the investigation checklist.
  2. Optionally add documents and click Create a case.

Now your new case should appear in the Cases.


If you forget to add an object during the Case creation process, you can always add it later.