How to create a global Deadline

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Workflows.
  2. Head over to the Deadlines tab:
  1. Click on the Add New Deadline button on the bottom left of the page:
  1. Fill out the deadline form appropriately:

Priority -- Priorities can be set on different deadline configurations. (Higher priority means Unit21 will prioritize those configurations before lower ones). The order of deadline configuration priorities can be seen here on the left with the top being the highest and bottom lowest.

Deadline -- This is the deadline for the alert.

Start Date -- This can be the Alert creation time or latest/earliest event creation time in the alert.

Time before displaying warnings -- This is the number of days before a deadline warning will display on the individuals alerts.

Time before sending notification -- These are the days you want a notification sent before the deadline date.

Tags -- Select tags of interest or leave blank for default. If a tag is selected, the deadline alerts will show up on any article/event with this tag.

Alerts, Cases, SAR -- Toggle where you want deadlines to be acted upon: Alerts, Cases, SAR. (note: if you are toggling deadlines on for alerts, you will have the option to select the types: TM, KYC, CAR, CHAINALYSIS. If nothing is selected, it will default to all four)

  1. Click on Save:
  1. Deadlines are now set! (Important note: Updates on duration, priority, and conditions are not retroactive, meaning they will only affect new Alerts/Cases/SARs)