How to create a SAR

To create a finCEN report:

  1. Head to Report Filings in the Unit21 dashboard.
  2. From there, you can create a new SAR or edit an existing SAR.

SARs can also be created from cases.

SARs can be created from alerts if you have access to a specific workflow.

You can create 4 types of reports:

  • Initial Report - A standard and original FinCEN SAR
  • Corrected / Amended Report - A corrected report on a previously-filed FinCEN SAR or prior
    SAR versions must be filed whenever errors are discovered in the data reported in that FinCEN
  • Continuing Report - A continuing report should be filed on suspicious activity that
    continues after an initial FinCEN SAR is filed.

Each report has five sections:

  • Home: Information about your organization and the reporting agent.
  • Filing Institution: Information about your organization and the reporting agent.
  • Financial Institution: Information about the organization where the fraud occurred.
  • Subject: Information about the fraudulent entity.
  • Suspicious Activity: Information about the fraudulent transactions.
  • Narrative: Free-form, explanatory notes about the Case and the motivations for filing