How to create a Variable

The first part of the Dynamic model is creating Variables:

  1. Select the "+ Add Variable" button:
  1. This will generate a dummy variable called Variable_1. You may rename the Variable.
  1. Now you must select the Variable Type:

Here is a breakdown of the different types of Variables:

Variable TypeDetailDescriptionExample
Entity / InstrumentField from an entity or instrumentFormula that needs to narrow down an entity to a registration period, status, type...user.type
ActionsField from an actionFormula that needs to look for (or count) a specific part of an action like its related instrument, entity, status or id.action.status
TransactionsField from a transactionFormula that needs the sum or count of items in a transaction like the amount, fee or custom data.txn.amount
  1. At this time it is ideal to choose the Value or Aggregate Field; this is the specific field of the chosen Variable Type:
1600 1600

The Value or the Aggregate Field is simply a subset of the chosen Variable Type.

Variable TypeExample Value or Aggregate Field
Entity / Instrumententity.subtype

While there are standard Aggregate Fields like the transaction amount that will always be available to choose from (as they are required by Unit21), we've also made any custom data your org has ever sent into the Unit21 system available as well:

  1. Depending on the Variable Type chosen, you must decide on the Aggregate Function and if a Transaction Variable is chosen, the Transaction Direction:

The Transaction Direction is simply the sender or receiver of a transaction.
The Aggregate Function is the mathematical operand to apply to the Aggregate Field.

  1. Depending on the Variable Type, a time frame must be chosen on which to apply the Aggregate Function:
  1. Review your logic:
  1. You can then use the Event Filter Conditions to further filter this Variable. This is fully optional.
1600 1600
Add basic formulaCreate a simple formula using simple operands
Add advanced formulaCreate a complex formula using advanced mathematical operands
MatchlistMatch against a list your uploaded in Unit21


It is not possible to go back and forth between the basic and advanced formula builder.

Sub-VariableDescriptionAvailable Options
Simple operandsIn this field you can apply simple logic to the filtered variable you created as well as Unit21 variables using Operators. >=
Advanced operandsIn this field you can apply mathematical logic to the filtered variable you created as well as Unit21 variables using Operators.See Text Formula Builder
Matchlist operandsIn this field you will select whether the variable is included or not in the selected MatchlistInclude OR Excludes


Note that "Event Filter Conditions" are case-sensitive.

"Variable == ACH" is not the same as "Variable == ach"


Matchlist is only supported for the "Object" and "Object Field" Variable type.


  1. Finally click Save Variable.