Creating Alerts for Enhanced Due Diligence

Once your model is live, you can automate the process of creating alerts for Low, Medium and High risk entities. This is done with a rule scenario called 'EDD Periodic Review'.

To find the rule scenario, go to the 'Detection Models' page, click 'Create New Rule', and select 'Create Scenario Model'. Under the 'Lists' card, there is a scenario called 'EDD Periodic Review'.

After clicking on the model, there will be four filters to leverage:

  • Risk Segment; e.g. Low, Medium, High
  • Entity Filters; e.g. only active entities
  • Review Cadence; e.g. 6 months
  • Score To Use; e.g. the latest or max score. This is to account for the fact that scores can go up or down over time.

Most partners have two rules deployed, one for High risk entities and one for Medium risk entities on a different cadence.

Note, the selectable review cadence (e.g. 6 months), is based on the entities 'registration date', meaning we will generate an alert on the entities anniversary, rather than when the model was deployed. This means there will likely be alerts generated throughout the year (e.g. every week) as entities hit their 6 month review cycle, rather than a large amount of alerts every 6 months from when the model was deployed.

Similar to other Unit21 rules, this model can validated over a specific time range and activated in shadow or made live after it has been be validated. It is recommended to create both a 'High Risk - EDD' and 'Medium Risk - EDD' alert queue for these rules to route alerts to for better organization and audibility.