Custom Data


Custom data is supplemental information that is fully custom to your organization that you can use to:

  • add data for models (rules) logic
  • add data to entities, instruments, and events
  • add data from (external) 3rd parties
  • add data for verification workflows
  • add unsupported third-party verification data to entities
  • filter alerts from My Alerts or the Admin tab

For example:

  • Entity > Subtype = vip
  • Transaction > Crypto Code = ETH
  • Instrument > Additional Notes = "company laptop"
  • Entity > Country Code = MX

Custom Data Configuration

You can configure custom data in your dashboard in order to make it more user readable. For example, if a transaction had custom data that was called customer_priority_rating, you could configure it to read "Rating" in your dashboard.

In the example below, some entities have the custom data called newcustom, we want to change this custom data name to Custom so we can use the Custom Data Filters to find alerts with entities that have Custom = testing.

  1. First, let's go ahead and use the Custom Data Filters to find alerts with newcustom = testing. In Alerts:
  1. Click Add Custom Data Filter.
  2. Complete the prompt to search for newcustom = testing:
  1. View the filtered results:
  1. Go to Settings > Custom data:
  1. Add a new entry to Entity Custom Data Settings so that newcustom is renamed to Custom:
  1. Repeat the search in item 1-4 using Custom instead of newcustom in the search: