Custom Data Settings





When you send custom data into the Unit21 system, it's usually looks like this:

    txn_custom_data: {
    remoteIps:  [,,,

This is not particularly readable. Luckily in the Custom Data Settings page, agents can make custom data easier to read in file exports and in filters.

In this case, the Unit21 system can update remoteIps to display remote IP addresses.

  1. To update the settings of your custom data, head over to Settings.
  2. Choose Entity, Transaction or Instruments.
  3. Click + Add key.
  4. Select the key from the dropdown you want to add, in this example, it would be remoteIps.
  5. Update the label to include readable text. In the example: remote IP addresses.
  6. Success.

Currently the custom data readability is only available in an export and filters but will become available in the UI at a future time:

16001600 16001600


Ask your Unit21 rep to support Nested Keys!

Nested keys are not exportable!


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