Custom Data Settings




When you send custom data into the Unit21 system, it's usually looks like this:

	txn_custom_data: {
  	remoteIps:  [,,,

This is not particularly readable. Luckily in the Custom Data Settings page, agents can make custom data easier to read in file exports and in filters.

In this case, the Unit21 system can update remoteIps to display remote IP addresses.

To update the settings of your custom data:

  1. Head over to Data Management and select Data Settings.
  2. Click Add Custom Data.

  1. Add the Key path. For example FraudScore.
  2. Add a Friendly name. For example FICO Score.
  3. Add a type. Is it a number? a date? text?
  4. Choose Entity, Transaction, Event or Instruments (where this custom data is available)
  5. Add an optional description.
  6. Select if you want this custom data to be exported during export requests.

  1. Click +Add.


Ask your Unit21 rep to support Nested Keys!

Nested keys are not exportable!