Custom Workflow Example

How to create a verification workflow

As the number of possible workflow combinations is very large, we will focus on a single example.

Example task

  1. Filters for entities who have VIP status and registration dates after April 1st, 2021.
  2. Screens the remaining entities with CSI watchdog, rejecting all entities who return with the status SANCTIONS_HIT.
  3. Sends the remaining entities for ID verification with Socure, and rejects entities who return with outcome Reject, or requests resubmission for those who return with resubmit.
  4. Checks the remaining entities' documents IDology, and requests resubmission for those who return with CAPTURE_UNAPPROVED.
  5. Accepts remaining entities.

Example solution

  1. Go to Verifications > Workflows and give your workflow a name and description.
  2. Select your desired final outcomes and drag them to the bottom of the pane. Then add your starting process. These don't have to be the first steps, but they make the process easier to conceptualize.
  3. Choose the outcomes Reject, Resubmit, and Accept, and the start process as Logic Process.

You don't have to begin like this, but it makes the workflow easier to organize.

  1. Draw a link between LOGIC and Reject, select the link, then click Edit conditions from the list menu.
  • Add two rules, status == VIP and registered_at > 01.04.2021
  • note: for help with the logical expressions, see the article [Using rule filters]

You can find the Edit conditions button at the top of the box on the righthand side.

  1. Under ID verifications, add the CSI Watchdog process. Draw a link from LOGIC to CSI Watchdog. By default, this sends all non-rejected entities to watchdog.
  2. Draw a link from CSI WATCHDOG to REJECT. Edit the condition, as in step (2). This time, add the rule VERIFICATION_OUTCOME==SANCTIONS_HIT
  1. Drag in the Socure process. Draw a link from CSI WATCHDOG to Socure.
  2. Add the reject and resubmit verifications for the Socure process.
  1. Add the final, doc verification process, IDology. Draw a link from Socure to Idology, then add the Resubmit and Reject conditions.
  1. Save your workflow.

You can now use your workflow for Batch Uploads or pass its workflow_ID to your developers and have it run every time an entity is created/updated via the APIs.


All processes must have at least one DEFAULT condition. This condition handles all entities that do not satisfy the predefined conditions.