Customer Risk Ratings

Customer Risk Ratings enable our compliance partners to efficiently meet their obligations of risk rating their customers and performing Enhanced Due Diligence. To do this, Unit21 can help deploy custom risk models and setup periodic reviews for Medium and High risk accounts. This will save hours of time building and maintaining risk scores manually, as well as provide transparent audibility for risk scoring and periodic reviews of High risk accounts.

How Does It Work?

Once a model is deployed, all entities in Unit21 will have a risk score between 0-100. Based on the Risk Distribution, clients can specify which scores correspond to which Risk Segments; Low, Medium or High. This means that all entities will have both a score of 0-100 and a risk segment of Low, Medium, or High.

Once a model is deployed and all entities have a Risk Score and Risk Segment, you can automate your EDD process with a configurable scenario model. Check out the related documentation in this section for more details.