Dashboards (Insights)

The Dashboards page in your dashboard, formerly known as Insights, provides business metrics for your organization.

You can create dashboards and add charts to view performance stats such as "case closed per month" or investigative stats such as "# of workflows created".

Supported Business metrics:

  • Data Explorer: entities, transactions, instruments, datafile uploads
  • Case Management: alerts, cases, SAR filings
  • Detection Modeling: create model, validations, pre-built models, matchlists, risk scoring
  • Workflow Automation: action triggers, queues, webhooks
  • Analytics: file exports, insights, assignments
  • Identity: verifications, waterfalls
  • Settings: agents, teams, permissions, configs

Create a new Dashboard

  1. Simply click the +Create Dashboard button:
  1. Name and Describe your Dashboard:
  1. Add charts and graphs using the +Add Charts button and selecting the chart of your choice:
  1. View metrics in real time:

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