Unit21 Data Overview

It is important to understand how Unit21 processes data for transaction monitoring and rule creation purposes.

Transaction Data

Unit21's systems accepts three data types from your organization: instruments, entities and events.


Entities refers to users or businesses, whichever is relevant to your platform such as John Smith or Corp ABC.

Information about entities should be sent whenever you onboard new users on your platform, or provided in bulk when you first integrate with Unit21. Updates are also sent when modifications or deletions to existing entities are made.


Instruments are optional and refer to items used to conduct/facilitate exchanges such as credit cards and bank accounts.


There are two types of events, transactions and actions.

Transaction events

Transactions are transfers of monetary value involving users in your system.

This event type is only used for transaction-related events. If a single transaction involves multiple events (i.e. charge reversals, authorization, status changes), each of these events should be dispatched to Unit21 as discrete events.

Action events

You can learn more about actions in this section: Events.