Deadlines are an optional feature in the Dashboard that allows Managers to configure automated Deadlines for Alerts, Cases and Filings. By properly configuring Deadlines you can feel safe in knowing that the work will be done on time and how to properly allocate work nearing its Deadline.

Upcoming Deadline

Overdue Deadline

Types of Deadlines

There are three types of deadline:

  • Global deadlines are created under Workflows > Global Deadlines. They can be configured to apply to Alerts, Cases, or SARs and even specific types of Alerts (KYC, TM, CAR and Chainanalysis). If multiple Deadlines exist for the same type of thing the highest Priority Deadline will take affect. You can also configure notification settings of when you would like to be notified of approaching Deadlines.

  • Queue Based Deadlines are configured on the Edit Queue modal in Workflows > Queues. On a Queue the Duration field sets the number of days until Deadline since the Alert, Case or Filing entered that specific Queue. Queue Based Deadlines take precedence over Global Deadlines and are a great way to time box work on a specific stage of your workflow.

  • Alerts and Cases can have Manual Deadlines set individually at the Alert or Case level. These Due Dates are a great way to set priority for sensitive Alerts or Cases.

Deadline vs Due Dates

Deadline: An amount of time. It is NOT a date.
Due date: Either the manual deadline or the queue based deadline, as an exact date and time.