Matchlists are lists of information that can be used to check whether a transaction and/or entity contains certain text.

For example, a model (rule) can be created to flag transactions with an IP that is in the "fraudulent IP addresses" matchlist. A rule can be created to find all entities that transact with the last name "Arnapoulos", "Digne", "Horvath", all last names in a list called "Board_Members_Names".

Matchlists are sometimes referred to as "allowlists", "blacklists" and "whitelists,".

Fundamentally, matchlists can be made of any text data. Most matchlists contain multiple fields. For example, a user matchlist contains information about not only a user's name, but also optional fields like SSN, DOB, and ZIP.

If you want to check a list against multiple object types, you can also use the string type. A string matchlist checks whether the text matches any of an event's fields, including its senders, receivers, and instruments.

The types of matchlists page provides examples of each type.

From the dashboard, you can view matchlists from the Matchlists pane.


Select a matchlist from the table to view its data: