Document Verification


Doc_Verification checks whether the entity's document itself is genuine. Some typical documents include drivers' licenses, passports, and images of faces.

Unit21 uses Socure to verify documents.

Who is eligible?

US residents with a US-based IP address (captured through document capture SDK) Integrating with the SDK is a must to run document verification with Unit21
Document that is being verified using Socure must belong to a resident of the United States.
Supported Docs:

  • US State ID
  • US Passport
  • US Driver’s license
  • Global documents (non-US passports)

How to run document verification

  1. To access the on demand pane from the dashboard, go to Verifications > On Demand.
  1. In the DOC_VERIFICATION list box, check Socure.
  1. Upload images for the front of the license, back of license, and a face image (selfie).
  1. From the Generate Alert options (never, always and on fail), select whether you want to send an alert. We recommend to always generate an alert for the Socure module as the results are not always instantaneous.
  2. Click Validate:
  1. The results will appear right away. Because Socure verification is not instantaneous, we recommend that you view the results via the generated alert:
  1. You can check the instantaneous results if they are available by checking the Results tab:
  1. The raw response from Socure is available in the Raw Response tab:
  1. The Attachment tab will reveals the uploaded documents:
  1. When you are ready, you can click the alert link. This will open the generated alert:

Error: Value not found for entity submitted data

If the system claims that a value, like Country Code is missing from the document, first check that the document actually contains this value. If it does and the system has rejected it, the image is likely too blurry. In that case, you might need to submit a clearer image.