Entities are individuals or businesses that engage in transactions with your organization.

Entities can be:

  • Name: Sarah Smith
  • User ID: 9547-sngfB
  • Business Name: JHK Corp
  • An ID automatically created by your company: ja-945Jgd92N

Transactions occur between two entities:

  • Sarah Smith sent Paul Smith 5 ETH
  • $25,000 USD routed from Bank Routing # 072403473 to Bank Routing # 041215016
  • Sarah Smith deposited $5,000 USD to SVB Bank
  • User jarmin04 exchanged 1 BTC with user smith29

Suspicious transactions create alerts wherein entities can be investigated.


Note that entity searches will take at least an hour after ingestion before they are searchable!


To access information about an entity, go to the Data Explorer page and select the Entities tab:


You can use the search filter to find the entity of your choice by name or ID.

To view additional information about the entity, select it from the search results. A pane in the left side of the window will open up where you can select Go to Detail Page >.


A new page will load with the entity’s summary information:

  • Basic information
  • Related transactions
  • Transaction history and details
  • Action items (workflows, comments and tags)

The page contains tabs with additional information:

  • Media - attachments added by agents
  • Instruments - related instruments
  • Verifications - KYC results
  • Rule Silencing - Rules where entity should be ignored
  • Custom Profile
  • Network Analysis - Graphical relation to other entities
  • Activity Analysis - Graph of activity
  • Link Analysis - List of relation to phones, addresses, IPs, and instruments

Data Structure

These are some of the fields that describe an entity in the Unit21 system:

entity_idThe unique identifier for an entity, as defined in your systemCorp-356-agh
entity_typeThe type of user in your system. Must be either user or businessUSER
entity_subtypeExtra information about how your organization classifies the entitycontractor
statusStatus of the object on your systemactive
first_name / middle_name / last_nameFull name of the entityJohn Matt Smith
day_of_birth / month_of_birth / year_of_birthDOB of the entity23 12 1990
genderGender of the entitymale
ssnSocial security number of the entity123-45-6789
business_nameThe registered name of the businessAcme
corporate_tax_idThe TIN/EIN of the business11-222-3333
email_addressThe entity email address[email protected]
phone_numberThe entity phone number+14159627132
addressThe entity address66 California Ave, San Francisco, CA 95103, USA