Understanding Execution Modes

There are two execution modes for models (rules):

  1. Asynchronous scheduled execution - Generates alerts at the end of scheduled execution time
  2. Real-time instant execution - Generates alerts as transactions come in

Models created in the Dashboard run asynchronously by default. However, there is a closed beta option for some organizations to run models (rules) in real time.


Real-Time rules is in CLOSED beta!

Asynchronous Models (Rules):

Unit21's system generates alerts asynchronously.

This means alerts are generated at a specific time of day. Alerts are generated within minutes of the rule execution.

When an alert is created, a webhook can be sent within 15 minutes.
The alert and the webhook is asynchronous to incoming transactions from the API.

Real-Time Models (Rules):


Synchronous rules are currently are available ONLY for select organizations.

Please contact your Unit21 representative to learn more.

For real-time rules, the system will return the results of whether the new transaction triggers any rules in real time (as part of the response to the transaction request).

If configured, an alert will also be generated in the system if the transaction does indeed trigger a rule.

Real-time rules is limited to a very particular rule logic called "Simple Filters" that only requires information from an input transaction and its related entities:

  • All transactions where the sender address == IRAN

Specifically it supports filtering by:

  • All fields included in the transaction payload
  • Fields related to the given transaction's sender/receiver (including email, address, phone number)

It does not support filtering by:

  • Aggregations on existing transactions (e.g. counts, volumes)
  • Information about other entities (e.g. peer groups)

An API endpoint is also provided which evaluates incoming transactions against existing rules and provides PASS/FAIL responses.


  • Unit21 supports 10 active real-time rules for a single customer.
  • Unit21 supports 25 events per second for a single customer.
  • Unit21 aims to support an up-time SLA of 99.5%.

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