Understanding Execution Modes

There are two execution modes for models (rules):

  1. Asynchronous scheduled execution - Generates alerts at the end of scheduled execution time
  2. Real-time instant execution - Generates alerts as transactions come in

Models created in the Dashboard run asynchronously by default. However, there is a closed beta option for some organizations to run models (rules) in real time.

Asynchronous Models (Rules):

Unit21's system generates alerts asynchronously.

This means alerts are generated at a specific time of day. Alerts are generated within minutes of the rule execution.

When an alert is created, a webhook can be sent within 15 minutes.
The alert and the webhook is asynchronous to incoming transactions from the API.

Real-Time Models (Rules):


Synchronous rules are currently are available ONLY for select organizations.

Please contact your Unit21 representative to learn more.

Please see Real time Rules to learn more.