How to export a Model / Rule

It is possible to export models/rules from your dashboard. Simply follow the steps:


CSV Export Headers are subject to change!

Please note that the location of columns in exported files may change (especially if custom data is included). You should use the headers when parsing CSV files.

  1. On the top right corner of a model/rule page, there are two icons that allow users to export as a PDF or XSLS:
  1. If you select export as PDF, a printable page will be created:
  1. If you select export as XSLS or CSV, a pop-up will give you three options:
  • Export an Excel file or a CSV file (.xlsx or .csv)
  • Either export the file to your email or export it to the dashboard
  • Convert the dates in the report to your local timezone
  1. Your export will be confirmed immediately:
  1. If you select the dashboard export, you can download the file by going to System > File exports: