How to find a Case


Search for a Case

To access cases, simply go to the Cases page on your Dashboard:


You can use the filter to find cases by:

  • Tags - Cases with specific tags
  • Status - Cases that are OPEN/CLOSED
  • Source - Cases that are Internal/External
  • Watched by - Cases that are watched by an agent
  • Creation Date Range - When the case was created
  • Minimum USD - The minimum amount the case must involve
  • Maximum USD - The maximum amount the case must involve
  • Disposition Date Range - When the case was dispositioned
  • Entity
  • Case name
  • Disposition
  • Subdisposition
  • Subdisposition options

You can also search for cases using Custom Data:


The custom data filter supports the following operators In, Not In, Equal, Not Equals so that you can fill in logic such as search for a case where the transaction custom data is location:US:


The results appear right away:


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