How to fix a Rejected SAR

If a SAR you filed has a fatal issue, it may be returned with the status Submission failed which means the report was not accepted by FinCEN.

When a report has a status Submission failed you need to re-submit the report.

In this case, Unit21 will notify you with two things:

  • <sar_id> of the specific SAR filing that needs to be fixed
  • message from FinCEN regarding what needs to be fixed

Once notified, you will need to fix the specific SAR filing and re-submit:

  • an Initial Report if it was originally an Initial report
  • an Amended report if it was originally an Amended report


It is very important that you submit an Initial report if the rejected SAR was an Initial report and only submit an Amended report if the rejected SAR was originally an Amended report.

How to fix a rejected report


To preserve a clean record, you MUST duplicate a SAR to fix it.

To submit a new report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to<sar_id> Replace the <sar_id> with the id provided.
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and click duplicate
  1. In the Home form, make sure the Type of filing is the same as the original report.
  2. Ensure the report is completely filled out and has the corrections.
  3. Submit the new report.


When FinCEN rejects a SAR, it's still considered an initial report, as the report was never processed.

When refiling a rejected SAR, don't mark its filing type as Amended unless the original rejected SAR was itself an amended document.