How to bulk export Alerts


Alerts can be exported in bulk if needed. This can only be done by an Administrator (an agent with the appropriate permissions).

  1. Head over to the Alerts page.
  2. Go to the Admin tab:
  1. Select the alerts you want to resolve from the table. It is possible to select the entire table:
  1. You also have the option to select ALL alerts:
  1. Click the Export button, a prompt will pop-up:

Exports are supported in Excel (XLSX) and CSV format. There is also an option to receive a summary of the export or a detailed export.

  1. The exports are available in Reporting > File Exports:

The download button will immediately download the file to your Downloads folder but you may need to wait until the status is READ_FOR_DOWNLOAD:

  1. If you selected Receive in Email in the prompt, the file will also be sent to your email.


It may take a few hours to receive your download.