Create a CTR Filing From an Alert

To create a CTR filing from an alert, we advise customers to initially setup a workflow button. This approach is recommended to ensure that both the entity and transaction details can be autofilled.

Alternatively, CTRs can be created manually from scratch.

Once a CTR is created from an alert, most sections of the CTR will be autofilled. Just like when filing a SAR, agent will complete the remaining details on the CTR form until it is considered valid.

Agents begin with the 'Overview' tab, which provides a high level summary of the CTR within the Unit21 platform.

  • The 'Documents' section below is to store any internal related documents for future reference in the event of an audit. This section of the form is exclusively intended for internal use by clients and is not submitted to FinCEN

On the right-hand side of the CTR, agents will find both the 'Comments' and 'Audit Log' sections.

  • In the 'Comments' section, agents and managers can seamlessly communicate by tagging each other for approval (including modifying the reviewer) or to address any necessary corrections before filing the CTR.
  • The 'Audit Log' section is to meet compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive record of all changes made to a CTR and who made those changes.