How to create a watchlist configuration




Watchlist configuration denotes to the system how to match given watchlist result data to a flagged entity. To manage watchlist configuration, go to Data Management -> Display Settings -> Watchlist Settings


Create a Watchlist Alert before managing Watchlist Settings

You will need to have created a Watchlist Alert for watchlist results from a provider to setup configuration. Unit21 will use your provided watchlist result to create an initial list of data settings fields. Or, if you want to manually configure the fields, you can do so in Custom Data Settings to instruct Unit21 on how to read your custom data sent in watchlist results.

Next, a user (with proper permissions) can modify the configuration for all watchlist results sourced from a specific provider. This instructs Unit21 by specifying which fields in watchlist results should be matched to which fields in an entity. To start configuring, simply drag and drop fields into the appropriate rows and groups according to your preferences.