How to find an Alert


Since there can be thousands of alerts, you can use our filter system to refine your search for a specific alert.

  1. To access alerts, simply go to the Alerts page on your Dashboard:
  1. You can use the filter to find cases by:
  • Agents - Alerts assigned to specific agents
  • Tags - Alerts with specific tags
  • Rules - Alerts triggered by specific rules
  • Teams - Alerts assigned to specific teams
  • Status - Alerts that are OPEN/CLOSED
  • Creation Date Range - When the alert was created
  • Minimum USD - The minimum amount the alert must involve
  • Maximum USD - The maximum amount the alert must involve
  • Disposition Date Range - When the alert was dispositioned
  • Entity
  • Alert name
  • Alert type
  • Source - Alerts that are Internal/External
  • Disposition
  • Subdisposition
  • Subdisposition options
  • Alert Queues - Alert queue the alert was assigned to
  • Alert Score - Severity of the alert
  1. You can also search for alerts using Custom Data. The custom data filter supports the following operators In, Not In, Equal, Not Equals so that you can fill in logic such as search for an alert where the transaction custom data is location:US:
  1. The results appear right away: