How to Group Alerts by Entity

Entity-Centric Investigations is designed to optimize the efficiency of assigning, reviewing and taking action on multiple alerts associated with one entity. By consolidating multiple alerts associated with one entity into a comprehensive alert view, this feature significantly reduces the number of alerts to review. This streamlined approach enables agents to assess entities holistically and allows for downstream optimizations, such as prioritizing entities based on the number of associated alerts

To group alerts by entity,

  1. Head over the Alerts page
  2. Go the the Group by drop down menu. The default is None. To Group Alerts by Entity, choose Entity from the drop down.

The system aggregates key information such as: Total Alerts, Open Alerts, Most Pressing Deadline and Total Flagged Amount.

As an example, users can easily filter alerts with an Open status.

  1. Go to the filter drop down menu and Status. Then choose Open.

Agents will also have the flexibility to sort alerts by the following columns: Most Pressing Deadline, Open Alerts and Total Flagged Amount.

  1. Go to the Sort by drop down menu to choose the field you want to sort and then go to Choose Columns to choose the information you want to disply

The Group by option is also available in the Queued Alerts page. This enables agents to efficiently peform bulk alert assignments.

To ensure a seamless and cohesive user experience, the following enhancements have been applied.

Filter Application Consistency: the alerts and the new Entity columns will align with the alert filters applied on all pages

Page-Specific Alert Actions: the Adminand My Alerts pages will retain their existing alert actions. For example, when admins are on the Admin alert page with the Group by entity option selected, they can continue to perform bulk actions, exports and reassignments.