How to switch to a different Org

Consider a use-case where the Parent is an organization is called Stark Industries and your email is [email protected].

You log in as a Parent member into the Unit21 Dashboard using the email [email protected]. This is called your default login.

Stark industries has several Children; Shield Org., Hydra Inc. and Avengers Corp..

The administrator at Shield Org added you, [email protected], as a member of Shield and gave you permission to view reports.

The admin for Avengers Corp added you as a member of Avengers Corp with the ability to investigate alerts, cases and file reports.

Tony can access Avengers Corp only if he is added as a member of the org and given correct permissions (including team and queue permissions).

In this case, [email protected] cannot access Hydra as it has not been added as a member of the Child org.

Tony can then use the [email protected] email to log in to the Children and contribute to them using our Org Switcher feature from the Parent.


Using the Org Switcher

If you are a Parent Organization and a Child Organization has given your login permissions, you will be able to switch into their Unit21 Dashboard using the Org Switcher.

If you are the Parent Bank, you can click on your Profile icon at the top right hand of your screen and you will see an option to switch to a Child:


Once you perform the actions as a member of that Child Org (with your given Child permissions), you can switch back to the Parent Org: