How to test webhooks

To test the Unit21 webhooks, we recommend two actions.

First, use a tool like RequestBin or to test that webhooks are being generated by Unit21 correctly.

Second, use the Test feature in the Unit21 dashboard to send a dummy message to the URL of your choice.

Let's begin by creating a webhook in the Dashboard.

  1. Open up the site:
  1. Copy-paste (save) the generated URL.

In our example:

  1. Head over to Workflows > Webhooks:
  1. Create the webhook of your choice with the generated URL and add all the events desired:
  1. Once the webhook is created, use the Send Test button:
  1. Check in the that the test was received correctly:
3120 3120

Now you can replace the URL with the site of your choice.

You can also trigger case actions to view real webhook messages. In this case, a case has been closed:

3120 3120