How to use Custom Data Filters to find Cases

Agent can filter cases in the My Cases and Admin tabs of the Cases page based on custom data.

Custom Data is additional data that can be sent with transaction, entity, or instrument information. Aside from the required item such as a sender, receiver, and monetary amount, any custom data can be included, such as "Stock = GME" or "Customer = primary" or "Code = 652999". This data can be used throughout the app to filter cases in the case views. Note, this also works on alerts, filings, as well as in the Quality Assurance random sampling tool under Workflows.

Custom data filters:

  • support text and numeric entries - use Equal or Not_Equal
  • support negative filters - use Equals Empty Value
  • support multiple entries - use In or Not_In


Custom data filters can be used in conjunction with existing filters on all case pages, as well as in the Quality Assurance random sampling tool in Workflows.

From the My Cases or the Admin tab

  1. Go to Cases > My Cases , Cases > Queued Cases or Cases > Admin
  1. Select the blue Filter button.
  1. In the dropdown, search for the custom data that you want to filter on.
  1. Select the operator (e.g. is, is not, is one of, is empty, is not empty, etc.), and click the "add" button. Note: These operators will change based on the data type of the field.
  1. Success! You will now see your custom data filter appear as a tag near the filter button, and the table will be filtered based on your selection. Please note that it may take a few seconds for the table to refresh with the filtered items: