How to enable webhooks

The best way to make sure you understand how webhooks work is to test it out, try making your own webhooks, and see if they work. Or, you can jump ahead and just drop your webhook URL into an app to share data—after all, you don't have to know how to make webhooks to use them.

To configure what events trigger a webhook, along with the endpoints where notifications are sent:

  1. Head over to Workflows and select the Webhooks tab:
  1. Click the + Create webhook button:
  1. Add the URL of the site that will handle the webhook messages:
  1. Select all the webhook messages (actions) you want Unit21 to sent the URL:

Available actions:

ALERT_CREATEDSend an email to a customer confirming that they are traveling to Pakistan if a credit card transaction for that user is flagged in that country.
ALERT_CLOSEDAutomatically create a report by triggering an export using Unit21 APIs.
ALERT_REOPENEDSend a message in the company chat system (Discord).
ALERT_ACTION_TRIGGEREDUse the tag workflow button to re-initiate the customer fund transfer.
CASE_CREATEDSend an email to a customer letting them know they are being investigated and some information is needed from them.
CASE_REOPENEDTemporarily suspend the user investigated in the case from using your product / app / platform.
CASE_CLOSEDBan a user when a case is closed with the "ban" subdispostion.
CASE_ACTION_TRIGGEREDUpdate the customer status to "VIP" if they triggered a high velocity rule but it was not fraudulent, instead they are become a high value user.
RULE_CREATEDSend yourself a reminder to test it.
RULE_TRIGGEREDEmail the P0 manager if it's a high risk rule.
RULE_ACTION_TRIGGEREDEmail the VP when a rule is archived.
ENTITY_FLAGGEDAdd a notice in the UI to the user when he/she logins in to your App.
ENTITY_ACTION_TRIGGEREDReward a customer when they login 5x per week (login = action).
EVENT_ACTION_TRIGGEREDEnable a new feature for a customer in your App when they upgrade (upgrade = action).

Please note that the endpoint URL to which the webhook messages are sent must be equipped to handle the actions. This is typically done by a developer; however, some tools such as Zapier allow the use of webhook handling with minimal coding necessary.

  1. Click Add endpoint:
  1. Success! When an action occurs, it will be listed in the table: