Unit21 provides identity verification (KYB/KYC) three ways:

  1. Entity Verification -- Run a verification on a single entity right from our dashboard, using the verification process from any of our partners.
    • Document Verification -- Send Unit21 a document such as a driver's license and our system will generate an authenticity report
    • Business Verification -- Send Unit21 information about a business, corporation, or organization and our system will verify them instantly
    • Watchlist Screening -- Send Unit21 an entity and we can either do a one time global watchlist screen and optionally monitor them throughout their lifecycle as your customer
    • ID Verification -- Send Unit21 an individual's information and get an instant risk assessment
  2. Verification Workflows -- Use interactive flow charts to program your own custom verification logic.
  3. Batch Verification -- Run verification for a batch of entities (up to 10 at a time).

Verification APIs are available to support or mimic these options.


Recommended partners for identity verification (KYB/KYC):

TypePartnerAvailabilityLearn More
Document VerificationSocureUSA OnlyLink
Business VerificationMiddeskUSA OnlyLink
Watchlist ScreeningSocureUSA OnlyLink
ID VerificationSocureUSA OnlyLink



Unit21 no longer supports Au10tix as a vendor for identity verification workflows. Our Au10tix integration today is purely meant to continue support for existing customers that have verification workflows built out using Au10tix

Additional Partners request:

If you have a specific ID partner in mind that Unit21 does not currently integrate with, you have two options:

  1. Send in the partner KYC/KYB results into the Unit21 system using ours APIs.
  2. Contact your Unit21 representative to discuss the integration with you.

Best practices for KYC/KYB:

It is recommended to verify an entity as soon as the entity is sent to the Unit21 system. To do this, have your developers send entity update and create requests with the parameter options: {identity_verifications: {run_verifications: true}}.

Only run synchronous requests when necessary.

If you are performing multi-step verification repeatedly, automate the procedure with a verification workflows.