Link Analysis


What is Link Analysis?

Link analysis is the evaluation of the relationships between entities (i.e how are the entities in your organizations related?).

Entities that share addresses, phone numbers, SSNs can be identified quickly in your dashboard in table format.

This views provides you with context in which to analyze your data, allowing your team to explore new angles and find fraudsters.

  1. To navigate to this view, you need to select an entity that you would like to analyze, click into their full details view:
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  1. Click on the Link Analysis tab:
  1. Once there, hit the Run New Analysis button.
  1. Running a new analysis will provide you with a table that displays which of your entity's data fields overlap with the fields of other unique entities:
  1. By clicking on any of the individual rows, you can view overlapping data between your entity and the entity associated with the row that you selected:
  1. You can view an entity's full details by clicking on the View Full Details icon on the right side of every row: