Understanding Model Types

There are three types of models (rules):

  1. All-time rules - The rule runs from the beginning of time to now (the beginning of time is 1970 in this case).
  2. Windowed rules - The rule runs through a set of windows (determined by its last execution time to now and the frequency that was set when creating a rule).
  3. Non-windowed rules - The rule runs with one window (determined by its last execution time to when it runs).

Scenario Reference:

Scenario NameType
Dormant ActivityNON-WINDOWED
Historical Deviations AWINDOWED
Historical Deviations BALL TIME
Entity BlacklistALL TIME
Blacklist String (Entities/Instruments)ALL TIME
Blacklist Strings (Events)NON-WINDOWED
Country-subdivision (Blacklist/Whitelist)ALL TIME
Same Value TransactionsWINDOWED
Simple CountWINDOWED
Simple Count RelativeWINDOWED
Simple Entity CountALL TIME
Simple Object Count (Entities/Instruments)WINDOWED
Simple Object Count (Transactions)WINDOWED
Simple StatisticsWINDOWED
Simple Statistics With CountWINDOWED
Simple Statistics With Custom FieldWINDOWED
Top Transacting EntitiesALL TIME
Entity Specific ConduitWINDOWED
Pass-Through Transferred PercentWINDOWED
Transaction Funds RatioWINDOWED
Transaction Statistics AWINDOWED
Aggregate Difference (Transactions)WINDOWED
Alerted Transactions IIWINDOWED
Chainalysis Alert - Risk levelsWINDOWED
Multiple OccurencesWINDOWED
Simple FiltersNON-WINDOWED
Simple SequenceWINDOWED