Network Analysis


What is Network Analysis?

Network analysis is link analysis data in a graphical format. Link analysis is the evaluation of the relationships between entities.

Agents can visualize links in PII (including phone numbers, addresses, emails, IP addresses, etc.) between entities.

Graphs and links can be display sequentially or structurally, and can be grouped by Status, Entity Type/Subtype or by Link.

1 . Click on any given entity from the Data Explorer:

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  1. Navigate to their full details view:
  1. Click on the Network Analysis tab.
  1. Hit the Run New Analysis button. Running a new analysis will provide you with a detailed graphic that displays the connections that explored in the Link Analysis section and their associated entities:
  1. Inspect the results:
  1. You can update which data fields/links you would like to view using the drop-down menus:

Or change the way items are grouped:


We allow you to group by four distinct fields: Status, Entity Type, Entity Subtype, and Links.

  • This allows you to group your nodes by the fields outlined above, giving your teams the opportunity to pinpoint specific nodes that you want to investigate.
  • Status, Entity Type, and Entity Subtype are all directly linked to the entity that you run the link analysis report on, while the links grouping option groups links together (i.e. you have five transactions going back and forth between two users, this would group together the nodes that share a link).
  • Grouping by none removes any groupings within your graphic.
  1. Once you find a connection of relevance, you can click on the item to view more information:
  1. For some items, you can view even more information:
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